Privacy Policy

We honestly do respect your privacy.

We do not send you email other than: initial emails to give you your login and receipts for payment, brief newsletters if we are offering a discounted service or for renewal reminders, or to respond via email to any questions or concerns you email to us.

This site has a few links to other sites. We cannot of course be responsible for privacy practices or content of these sites, however we do not link to questionable sites - only to sites that assist you in the requirements of this course or offer services related to your needs as an alcohol server.

Under no circumstances will we share your private information with third party vendors that exist for the purpose of selling you products outside our company or distributing your personal info to others.

We will only disclose your personal information to comply with court orders, subpoenas, or regulatory obligations, or when otherwise required to do so by Oregon law or the OLCC, or in order to expedite our sending the mails noted above, or in connection with violations of the Terms of Use you read during the signup process. We require you not share our site content with anyone other than your proctor during the course of studying and taking quizzes, etc., and the OLCC has made it clear that the content of the course and exams is NOT to be copied or reproduced.

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